National Parks Deosai - Pakistan

Deosai National Park is located in Skardu, Pakistan. The National Park is located in the valley Deosai (4.114 asl), which are among the highest plateau of the world. Deosai famous for its spring when it is covered by a carpet of millions of flowers and different kinds of butterflies.

Road Access

Deosai Plains and Deosai National Park is accessible via two routes. One is through Skardu City and the second through the District aStore. The road starts from aStore Chilum, continues through the terrain and paved roads to the main lake before climbing into Deosai. The route from Skardu is through unpaved roads that can be raised within two days. With the jeep was only a matter of hours. Deosai Lake is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan. The beauty of the Himalayas visible everywhere around Deosai. It also is home to the endangered Himalayan brown bears. Less than 19 bears lived there in 90 and now its population increases. Now nearly 55 brown bears living in Deosai. The view here is taken Sheosar Lake in Deosai.


Deosai National Park at an altitude of 4114 meters on average (13,497 feet) above sea level, making the Plains Deosai second highest plateau in the world, after the adjacent Tibetan Plateau. Park protects an area of ​​3000 square kilometers (1,200 sq mi). It is also known for its rich flora and fauna of the ecoregion Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau steppe mountains covered by the spring wildflowers and a variety of sweeping butterflies.


Deosai National Park was established in 1993 to protect the viability of the Himalayan Brown Bear, Pakistan's largest omnivore, and its habitat. Having long been a prize for hunters and poachers kill, bear now has hope for survival in Deosai where the number has increased from only 19 in 1993 to 40 in 2005.

Deosai Plains is also home to the Himalayan Ibex, Red Fox, Golden Marmot, Gray Wolf, Urial Ladakh, Snow Leopard, and over 124 resident and migratory birds. Birds in the park including the Golden Eagle, Lammergeier, Griffon Vulture, Laggar Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Snowcock.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in The World to Visit (Pictures)

1. Pink Beach - Komodo Island (Indonesia)

2. Maldives Beach (Maldives)

3. Whitehaven (Australia)

4. Mnmbe Lodge (Tanzania)

5. Tulum Beach (Mexico)

6. Lanikai Beach (Hawaii)

7. Kondoi, Coral beach Okinawa (Japan)

8. Horseshoe Bay (Bermuda)

9. Boracay (Philippines)

10. Fernando De Noronha (Brazil)

5 Destinations FlowersTrips

For the continent that has four seasons in every year, the arrival of spring may be waiting for their fans because it usually flowers in season flowers will bloom. Expanse of flower gardens that initially only seen as a field of green the dominant color will change color with cheerful colors. Here are five destinations for those fans of Interest:

1. Netherlands

Trips to the Netherlands during the spring without seeing the tulips and daffodils are a big mistake. During bermekarannya, tulips will be harvested and shipped to all corners of the world. Flower plantation in the Netherlands will be the color of the rainbow when the flowers are blooming. Usually this will occur during April to September, you will definitely find a beautiful expanse of tulips on the moon's orbit. Visit Alkmaar in the Netherlands where the addition meets these demands North'll travel interest you also will be told the history of the city and tried to free cheese results of their fields. In addition, other tourist destinations is the city flower Keukenhoff renowned as the largest plantation relationship.

2. Japan

Japan is famous for cherry blossom (cherry blossom) which bloom spreads in the city of Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto and Osaka. Rural areas in Japan grew to be beautiful when the flowers are blooming. It would be nice if a trip to Japan at the time of this flower blooming, you will not stand for a picnic near the flowers with green grass hamapran as a base and a broad expanse of bright blue sky as the roof.

3. New Zealand

The country has beautiful landscape of innumerable. If you want to get the landscape flower gardens with colorful candy, go to the south of the island and admiration for you in New Zealand will increase. During the summer, try to visit Lake Tekapo filled with beautiful flowers around it.

4. France

Tourists will flock to Provence in France every year to see the expanse of the garden of lavender, poppies and sunflowers. This scene like the scene live version recorded by the painter, very beautiful. In Provence, you will not be interest-only travel but also tour the city where you will be taken to the winery, landmarks and rural areas. Besides in Provence, you can tour the interest in Luberon and Ventoux, to add your photo collection.

5. Denmark

Most of the Danish territory filled with forests, grasslands and plantations. No wonder the Danes, including the tourist destination for flower lovers. In the spring, you'll see the old palace backgrounds flower beds. Flowers that you will encounter in the spring in Denmark, among others, poppies, daisies and red clover. If you are a fan of orchids, you should take the visit to the town of Gentofte.

Dive in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil really Amazing!

Fernando de Noronha is one of 21 volcanic islands in Brazil. Since 1988 the coast was declared a national marine park as an area of ​​land vegetation and animal marine life. Many historical sites you'll meet there, one of which fort ruins at Sao Pedro and Dolphin Bay. Therefore Fernando de naranho included in the Unesco World Heritage list as the most beautiful marine park in the world.

The most interesting is biodiversity, which until the 19th - century, coastal forests blanketed the towering into the sky. Half a coastal area covered by shrubs that are prepared to be secondary forest for domestic and international tourists. There are 15 endemic plants and 2 birds on this coast that the material world researcher observation.

No doubt fernando de Noronha is considered the world's best place to dive.
You can enjoy the ocean depths with different difficulty levels. From 8 meters to 63 meters to a depth for certified divers. Here are also offered outside iasa beautiful landscape for surfing, namely Laje Cacimba and Concecio.

If you're interested in visiting Fernando, come between March to November, warm sea water fit for diving. Another case if you want to surf, it is recommended you come between December to February. Feel the wind will take you climbing the waves that raced with your heart

5 Places Around the World, Most Favorite for Honeymooners

1. The Seychelles
This area is an area favorite and ranked first for many honeymoon couples. Situated in the Indian Ocean, where it menawakan beach with white sand, crystal clear sea, and some unique fresh food.

2. Marrakech, Maroko
Marrakech is the perfect honeymoon destination. Honeymooners can relax and unwind, while enjoying the wonderful cultural attractions and beautiful city views. Also Honeymooners can taste the delicious local cuisine and can be romantic camel ride around the city.

3. Jamaica
This is the area's favorite honeymoon Honeymooners selected third. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world who really pure.

4. Las Vegas
In the past, the city is nicknamed the city of sinners, but that image vanished with the increasing number, newlywed couples who make this city as a honeymoon destination. For who likes adventure and clubbing, the city is indeed very suitable to go.

5. Bulgaria
Perhaps the biggest surprise if the Bulgarian city on the list. Located in southeastern Europe, the city was known to have a diverse history and culture. The beach was reportedly offers beauty for Honeymooners.
The town is known by the nickname The Big Apple is also an excellent shopping town in the world. Not to mention with some interesting sights. Not surprisingly, this place is a decent place you visit with a partner before he died.

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